2024 Breaking Par Winter League

2024 Breaking Par Winter League


The 2024 Breaking Par Winter League is a 10-week golf tournament running from January 8th to March 3rd. It features a 2-player scramble format with Stableford scoring over 9 holes. The entry fee is $100 per team, which contributes to end-of-season flight payouts.

Teams are encouraged to participate in a weekly flighted skins game for an additional $10 per team. The league starts on January 8th, and each round can be played anytime during the week but must be completed between 9 AM Tuesday and 9 PM Sunday of that week.

The league considers the best 8 out of 10 weeks for standings, disregarding the 2 lowest scores to accommodate missed weeks. Teams are grouped into flights based on their combined handicap, with a maximum 10-point handicap difference between teammates.

Round completion within the reserved time is crucial; otherwise, double bogeys are assigned for unfinished holes if another reservation follows. There are no make-up rounds. Weeks 5 and 10 offer double points, and Stableford scoring awards different points for each hole’s performance.

Payouts for the league are distributed as follows: 1st Place (50%), 2nd Place (30%), and 3rd Place (20%).