Thursday 2-Man Scramble

Thursday 2-Man Scramble

Thursdays @ 5pm

$10 / Player or $20 / Team

$10 Low Stroke Game & $10 Skins Game



9 Hole 2-Man Scramble

Field will be split into 2 flights. Flights will be created based on scores.

2nd flight will start at 6 strokes more than the lowest score.

Flight Payouts for Low Stroke Game (subject to change)

1st Flight = 1/2 of low stroke pot

2nd Flight = 1/2 of low stroke pot

If there are under 20 teams, 2 spots will be paid in each flight.

If there are 20 or more teams, 3 spots will be paid in each flight.

Skins game in each flight. Skins pot will be $10 multiplied by the number of players in the flight.

If there are no skins in a flight, skin pot will be added to that flights low stroke pot.

Handicap will not be used.




Men will play from White Tees

Pros will play from Blue Tees

Seniors (60+) will play from Yellow Tees

Women will play from Red Tees

Juniors in middle school will play Yellow Tees

Juniors in high school will play White Tees

Must play with another team in the game.

Ties will be broken using the hardest handicap holes.

Ball will be played up everywhere within one club length, no closer to the hole.

All tall grass will be played as a penalty area. Can play ball up in tall grass.

Out of bound will be played as stroke and distance penalty.

Payouts will be rounded down to the nearest dollar.

Call the pro shop to register!

(740) 393-2886